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In The Loop-Chapter 15: The Engineering System

In the next five chapters we will delve into the five meta systems of the enterprise. Meta systems exist for only one reason: to...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
16 min read

In The Loop—Chapter 14: The Rest of the Operating…

The enterprise systems schema shown below displays eight operating systems. But it’s just a reference architecture. In your company, there could be fewer or...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
4 min read

In The Loop—Chapter 13: Product Discovery vs. Product Management

In the fit systems enterprise it’s all about systems. In the next seven chapters, we dive into the operating systems and meta systems. Great...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
21 min read

In The Loop—Chapter 12: Justifying the Shift

As CEO of a public company, your job is to reward investors by increasing the company’s market capitalization over the long run. This means...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
8 min read

In The Loop—Chapter 11: How To Execute the Shift

If you are an executive in a global 2000 enterprise with roots as a non-technology company, this chapter and the next are for you....
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
24 min read

In The Loop—Chapter 10: Results-Centric Process Redesign

“Re-engineering is the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical contemporary measures of performance, such as cost,...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
12 min read

In The Loop—Chapter 9: Improving a Domain

So let’s get down to business. Every step towards your generative and adaptive imperatives occurs inside domains. Bounded by the stage of your company...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
18 min read

In The Loop-Chapter 8: Diagnosing a System: Archetypes

Systems break down in many ways large and small. In the fit systems enterprise, teams and leaders watch out for archetypes. These are patterns...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
28 min read

In The Loop—Chapter 7: Organization Design and Self-Organized Teams

How would you describe your company? Do you think of it as a set of functions or as a set of systems? This is...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
18 min read

The Revenue Engine: 3 Key takeaways from Tom Mohr’s…

For most companies, and especially for tech companies, the only path to a financially successful exit for CEOs and their teams is through rapid...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
2 min read

In The Loop—Chapter 6: Systems and Company Stage

On the day you start a company, you give birth to a system. Not much of one, of course. It is small and weak — almost...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
20 min read