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Bob Bausmith and Steven Schwartz walk us through the city’s tech scene and underscore the value of expert advisory services for CEOs in an evolving business landscape.

Finance, insurance, manufacturing, health and life sciences: these are some of New York’s major industries. They are made up of established enterprises — including multiple Forbes 2000 companies — generating massive amounts of capital over a huge scale of operations.

Technology doesn’t even rank. You won’t find it in the top 5 industries in the city and and you won’t hear it talked about with the likes of Silicon Valley, Washington, or even Boston, but it’s no secret New York is becoming a hub for startups looking to integrate or be acquired by enterprise giants. Companies here are versatile, fast growing, and backed by sophisticated investors.

“The New York tech scene is unique because it’s all about business.” — Bob Bausmith

Bob Bausmith is used to the city’s fast-pace and blinders-on mentality. With experience as both a serial entrepreneur and Fortune 100 executive, Bob bridges the gap between startup and corporate enterprise. That is why he is so well-suited to navigate New York’s tech scene today. Bob uses his experience and deep understanding of the science of company-building to help tech and enterprise CEOs sharpen decisions, strengthen leadership, and accelerate company growth.

Bob Bausmith, Managing Director for CEO Practice, CEO Quest, NYC

Bob doesn’t downplay the importance of tech innovation in New York, but explains that the New York tech scene is unique because it’s all about business.

“There is tremendous traction around the application of technology to older industries,” he says.

As the Chief Systems Architect for UnitedHealth Group in the early 2000s, Bob pioneered the use of Service Oriented Architecture to design an adaptive and highly scalable technology ecosystem for what is today the largest health care services company in the world. He’s held similar roles at other large health care entities, including Aetna.

“New York is a great place to be if you’re interested in complex systems and technology-leveraged business transformation,” he explains.

Because New York’s core industries generate massive amounts of data, they are becoming some of the top tech consumers in the world. “Integration is going to be critical,” Bob affirms, “but the integration process is complex. It must happen not only at the data level, but also at the workflow, system, and security levels. This creates a huge amount of opportunity within the tech sector, and will result in win-win situations if tech companies are able to successfully accelerate and sell into these top enterprises.”

But taking full advantage of these opportunities is not easy. Not only do startups need to successfully accelerate, enterprises need to navigate a fast-moving regulatory landscape that is playing catch-up with innovation.

Steven Schwartz, Managing Director at CEO Quest New York, knows that the shifting data regulatory landscape is one of the biggest challenges facing CEOs today. “All companies are becoming data companies in this era of data proliferation, and they need to navigate carefully.”

Steven Schwartz, Managing Director for Founders Practice, CEO Quest, NYC

When coaching CEOs, Steve is quick to leverage his expertise in order to help member companies traverse the murky waters of current legislation and regulation. Having relied on CEO Quest’s thought leadership material while scaling his own company, Global Cyber Consultants, Steve is an avid supporter of the holistic approach to the applied science of company building.

“I have never seen anything like CEO Quest’s engineering framework for company building. Scaling the Revenue Engine’s clarity and tactical focus for accelerating company growth is truly innovative. And when Tom [Mohr] became my personal adviser, it all clicked. Coaching supported by years of experience and research is invaluable for successfully accelerating both personal and company growth.”

Steven was named one of “New York City’s 2017 33 Under 33,” and has personally consulted, managed, and negotiated the risk management and insurance programs for worldwide, publicly-traded entities across 40 countries. He spent his early career as a Data Analyst and QA Engineer at TreoSolutions, a “big-data” healthcare analytics firm, where he worked from the company’s first year of operation through to its nine-figure exit, five years later. He coaches early-stage tech company CEOs and is an innovation leader in the fields of risk management, cybersecurity and personal data, all areas that are growing tremendously as New York-based enterprises continue to digitize.

With his profound understanding of the insurance marketplace, Steve is invaluable to every Insurtech startup CEO trying to integrate for success.

Steven and Bob’s combined experience, paired with CEO Quest’s library of thought leadership ensures that technology CEOs have all the tools they need to aggressively scale.

“Advisors raise the performance of the organization by improving the performance of the leader,” Bob explains. “Companies are built on people, not products,” finishes Steve.

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