In The Loop - Chapter 29: Trust

On the side of the box marked “Trust,” make sure to slap a label that reads, “Fragile: Handle with Care”. Trust is the foundation...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
13 min read

In The Loop - Chapter 28: Overhauling a Technical System

If you are a non-technical CEO (or senior executive) of a company that must migrate from a technical monolith to cloud-based microservices, this chapter...
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24 min read

In The Loop - Chapter 27: IoT and Mobility

Once upon a time, a company’s operational boundaries were clear and stable. In operational terms, the enterprise could be conceived of as the sum...
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14 min read

In The Loop - Chapter 26: AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Wherever datasets are large enough, there is the opportunity to tap into the power of artificial intelligence (and its subdomains of machine learning and...
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10 min read

In The Loop - Chapter 25: Managing Big Data in the Cloud

In the fit systems enterprise, data is lifeblood. In its products, technical systems, operating system workflows and everyday decision making, data propels everything forward....
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16 min read

In The Loop - Chapter 24: Reactive Systems and Microservices Architecture

For the next six chapters, we will explore how modern technology has evolved, is built, is maintained and is upgraded. Digital literacy is one...
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14 min read

In The Loop - Chapter 23: Starbucks

The big change began on January 7, 2008. That was the day Howard Schultz reclaimed his seat as CEO of Starbucks. He had departed...
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21 min read

In The Loop - Chapter 22: General Motors

When the Great Recession hit, General Motors was ill prepared. After years of declining market share and soaring pension liabilities, it had a vulnerable...
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28 min read

In The Loop-Chapter 19: The Governance System

The governance system is a meta system. A recent Googlegeist survey became a hot news topic. “The annual internal poll, known as Googlegeist, asked...
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12 min read

In The Loop-Chapter 18: The Strategy, Planning and Architecture…

“It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do...
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19 min read

In The Loop-Chapter 17: The Culture System

Culture is a meta system. Culture embodies the real values of the company at any given time. It emerges in the dynamic interplay between...
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11 min read