Company Culture

Chapter 18: 200 Desks  – On Headquarters vs. Remote

  The McBride debacle was a galvanizing moment. To lose a 130-store deal — the largest auto dealer in the country — because SparkLight Digital couldn’t launch stores...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
12 min read

Chapter 8: Fifteen Desks  –  On Followership

  The health of Bill’s wife took a nosedive the same week that Sanjay was fired. Her most recent round of chemotherapy taxed her...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
15 min read

Chapter 7: Twelve Desks  – On Culture

  Sanjay’s coding productivity continues apace. Directly due to Sanjay’s efforts, for the first time, the entire CRM project is ahead of schedule. Joe...
Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
10 min read