How to Form Strategic Partnerships Without Getting Crushed

Co-Authored by Jacob Sandler @ CEO Quest and David Feldman @ Indicator Ventures The Cambridge Business English Dictionary defines a strategic partnership as “an arrangement between two companies or organizations to help each...
David Feldman David Feldman
9 min read

Open source as a business strategy

Bill Portelli shares his insights on open source and how it can drive company-building. Open source software development, long steeped by misconceptions, can be...
Anabelle Budd Anabelle Budd
4 min read

On Leadership, Hiring, and Scaling Up

Steven Schwartz and Bob Bausmith’s Essential Advice for Tech CEOs Bob Bausmith and Steven Schwartz serve as the two Managing Directors for CEO Quest New...
Jacob Sandler Jacob Sandler
4 min read

CEO Quest, New York  –  At the Forefront of…

Bob Bausmith and Steven Schwartz walk us through the city’s tech scene and underscore the value of expert advisory services for CEOs in an...
Jacob Sandler Jacob Sandler
2 min read